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Chan Mei Hin (Meihin), grew up in a workshop family.  Her father was a workshop owner.  Rolls of thread were one of the materials that she used to see at her fatherÕs workshop when she was a child.  It contains different colors.  Duirng her study of the BFA course, she went to get the canvas for painting at ShamShuiPo one day, she met the rolls of thread againt there. She has had a very special feeling at that time. She found it complicated and was hard to tell it in words. Thereafter, she started using this material as a medium for her artwork making.


She explored and communicated with the material so as to let it guide her to create various art forms to manifest its specialty. She weaves her way through the thread.


She has completed the Master of Arts in Fine Arts (MAFA) in 2011 and graduated in the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University in 2004, when she has had her inner journey that enriched her experiences and her creativity in her artwork making.  She has acquired the certificate in the Foundations of Art Therapy at The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education in 2001 before she started her Fine Art course at RMIT.  She believes that art is a non-verbal language that can bring invisible to visible and it can bring our inner images from unconscious to conscious.  She also believes that art has an aesthetic value that can enrich our lives. 


She encountered art accidentally since the fall of 1999, when she was experiencing her downside of her life.  Her mother was diagnosed cancer during that year.  She suddenly lost her direction and value.  The value of life has changed to her.  She was so depressed that she was searching around to seek the missing thing in her life.  She met the thread – a life saving thread.  She believes that she was being guided to Art during that difficult time.  She is a Catholic since her early 30Õs.  Art appeared to her that she found it impossible to resist.   After completing an art workshop in 1999, she continued her various art courses in HKU Space.  She then started her artistic journey full of curiosity and enthusiasm.  She met the metaphor for the labyrinth and the Greek myth of the AriadneÕs thread during her artistic journey that gave rise to her work – Journey, 2004.


She believes that art has a close relationship with human nature and has a keen interest in exploring these. She found that through artwork making, oneÕs unconscious or inner self may reveal itself through the visual art images.  She would like to share her journey of art.




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