Artist & Facilitator

Chan Meihin







Simple, autonomous and widely-used material

Symbolically, it act as agent that links all states of being to one another

Spiritual exploration, it connects different worlds and states of mind at a symbolic level


Sphere (3-Dimensional circle)

An entity

It symbolizes eternity in Christian symbolism

Continuity, direction, line of thought, course of human life, continuous aspect of thing…

Creates order, unity and wholeness

The mythological representation in the Greek myth of Ariadne’s thread


Spinning / throwing

Repeated motion - voluntarily repetition

Continuous spinning motion initiates the memory recollection, understanding, experiencing…



Signify the act of repeating something

Denotes the recurrence of something

In time, it bridges the past and the present


Spiral / Helix

In ancient time, it is an inner spiritual motion

An ascending spiral

Spiritually, it transcends our life to a higher level




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